Iron is not good for all fittings in anywhere

In fittings iron is used, but the iron gets spoiled due to the wind with the chillness of the wind. There would be break in the iron after some months. Therefore, the iron is not considered in fitting with the electrical production installation. The electrical products once installed with the iron it would be danger also at some times. Therefore the Brass Fittings are used and this suits for long years. There would not be any problem with the brass, at the same time brass is a bit costlier and the manufacturers are less, there is not much makers for the brass accessories. The main reason is the brass metal is not available in plenty and it is available only for fresh products manufacturing. At the same time the iron is available as used products. The used iron is recycled and produced as iron fittings. The brass is not available to recycle and therefore the makers are finding difficult to collect the brass and make them in the shape to produce any fittings. The brass is weather proof and chill climate would not affect the brass metal and further the brass looks as new from the day one to end of the day. Therefore, once brass is fitted in any assembly no need to change the fitting and it works for long time.


The space for the brass metal would be very normal the metal would not be extended due to any reason. The shape would be one and same after the installation in portion of the area. Normally only for electrical goods the fittings are required, the junction of the connective area the fittings are required the plastic is good only to some extent. Even the strong plastic goes down for some fittings, therefore the plastic is avoided and the metal is selected for the fittings. In this connection the plastic connective junction area also would be there with the electrical assembly of the any products. Therefore, the plastic and the brass are the good combination to fill with the fittings. The wires are coated with the plastic and the wires are assembled with the brass fittings. This combination works well and the brass as well as the plastic coated wires is beautiful combination, the complete product looks well and works well with the total production of the completed products. Therefore the brass is the best metal to combinative for the fully finished product.

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