2019 Bucket Hat

Compared with previous women’s ready-to-wear collection, artistic director¬†Maria Grazia Chiuri of Dior has done a 180-degree pirouette, presenting a subversive and rebellious show to all; the last season’s runway was filled with feminine clothes featuring soft and sea-of-beige elements. What’s the charm of bucket hats that has fashion circles captivated at that moment? Perhaps the carefree attitude combines with its accessories, or maybe the ease in which meets needs of consumers. Either way, new season’s fishing hats gave a chance to revamp. On the first day of Paris Fashion Week in February, the brand has held their fashion show and convey their attitudes through work of arts on runways. Among many new products, the most eye-catching look are netted-veil outfits.

At the Haute Couture show in January, Dior took its audience to a circus while Chiuri reshape images of Britain’s Teddy Girls in the 1950s. In general, Teddy Girls are sharp-suited and rock-and-roll loving women. When she took the post of artistic director at Dior, Chiuri, from time to time, has paid attention to design clothing, conveying fashion through a feminist lens overtly. Her iconic “We Should All Be Feminist” shirts are a good example; at other times, such feminist concepts only combined with clothing in a more subtle nods.

Although gender constructs may not come into being only by the bucket hat trend,¬†the manufacturing of each hat leaves them more distinctive than the ath-leisure pieces from other famous brands. The tall and structured top is a far cry from a common one while it is akin to a male-specifically top hat. Its exquisite veil is pulled low over every model’s eyes, presenting a subtle contrast of masculinity and femininity. Diverse materials, rich leopard-print fabric, plaid pattern, Dior logo, etc.all go well with retrospective punk clothes, unleashing elegance and a punch. The textured ponytail is key in pulling off the look. He also told a small group of editors backstage that the show is closely related to bucket hats. Therefore, the ponytail takes effect on containing and easing on the back.

Turning to the styling, the House of Dior holds that the collection is a reinterpretation of Teddy Girls in the 1950s. It also released inspiration from the those girls, who were imbued with the spirit of “sportswear” and signature elegance of the House of Dior. It’s also the place where the bucket place shines on catwalks. Once it reaches the retail market, it would be a sensational success.

Chiruri does touch the athleisure trend that is popular pursued by both brands and consumers. Besides, It also reaches the purpose in a decidedly Dior method — keeping their elegant and clean lines that leave them exceptional for decades. Femininity and sports compliment contrast all at a time. Although such fishing hats may be regarded as items complementing sneakers and sweatshirts, they are not exactly same with the case Dior having interpreted. On the contrary, it also complements with elegant full-on ball gown as it would with casual jeans and t-shirts.