You need to know about Luxury II

According to the artistic needs and aesthetic taste of Chinese customers, Cartier launched a series of jewelry with Chinese elements, the brand quickly won the love of the Chinese people; In order to meet the needs of the Chinese market, the Chinese rich later launched dragon watch, dragon bag, dragon jewelry and so on.

First, the concept of luxury goods is constantly extended, it changes with the times in different periods have different representative products.

In China, for example, in the 1980s, “luxury goods” for people were watches, sewing machines and bicycles “three big pieces”, which gradually evolved into televisions, refrigerators and telephones. That is to say, these goods from the initial impression of “luxury”, to become a necessity today.

Second, the audience of luxury goods is a minority, that is, the wealth elite of society.

Because of the ostentatious nature of luxury goods, it is now common among the Chinese working class to save months or even half a year’s wages to buy a dress or bag similar to a luxury brand such as LV. Then wear it or take it to the bus. This has become a significant feature of some luxury consumers in China at this stage. This is why we encourage people who can consume luxury goods and strive to cultivate their cultural ideas and aristocratic temperament so that luxury consumption can eventually return to rationality and become a part of the normal operation of the market.

Third, in terms of the nature of the industry, luxury consumption industry is actually an elite industry, it is more representative of a high quality of life.

While we enjoy luxury goods, we are also pursuing a high quality of life. Top consumer goods are often associated with successful brands, excellent quality, excellent design ideas and even historical accumulation, cultural heritage, and expensive prices are the last factor. In other words, luxury is not necessarily the most expensive, expensive things are not necessarily luxury. At a deeper level, luxury goods are actually a way of life.

“Luxury goods” is actually an imported concept, referring to luxury in English. What is Luxury? The Oxford High order Dictionary explains thing that is expensive and enjoyable but not essentialize Cambridge High order Dictionary explains this.something expensive which is pleasant to have but is not necessary. The Webster Dictionary explains that:something adding to pleasure or comfort but not necessary

Although the Chinese explanation of “wasting money and excessive enjoyment” generally contains these three characteristics, English is obviously a lot more neutral and not too negative in terms of expression.

But even an English explanation is not a good explanation. Good, expensive, and unnecessary are all relative concepts, and it may be OK to use them for the explanation of nouns, but I am afraid that some strict academic discussion will not do. How good, how expensive, and how much is not a luxury. Maybe we can use the 80 / 20 rule to define the best 20 percent of the same products, and 80 percent of people are expensive and non-essential products, and maybe we can call them luxury goods. Of course, 80 / 20 is just a random word, and we can also refine it further, using, for example, 90 / 9. The luxury goods are further divided from the luxury goods.

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