You need to know about Luxury III

Of these three concepts, the best thing to deal with should be the concept of non-necessity. We just need to look at the market capacity of this product and see how many people can own it, and we can roughly determine the degree of non-necessity of the finished product. For example, everyone needs to drink water, 100% of the share of it is a super necessity for everyone; By contrast, only a very small number of people own private jets, so for the vast majority of people, this is not a necessity.

As for the concept of good, it is relatively difficult. Each flower into each eye, the so-called good or bad is sometimes a very subjective question. For example, the design of a certain master, you like very well, he is extremely disgusted, said very bad, whether this is good or bad, there is no conclusion. You might say that you can solve this problem through a selection of people with master advice, but I prefer a simpler approach-to choose as objective as possible the criteria for good or bad. For example, in terms of fabric, 200 is better than 100, which is a relatively objective comparison; a piece of leather, without any flaws Defects are better than flawed ones, and this is also an objective criterion. If you use these objective things as far as possible to judge the good or bad of a product, it may lead to shortcomings, such as neglecting humanized things such as creativity, art, etc. But the benefits are also obvious, which is that judgment is not personal-the most obvious is that diamonds, whose “good” is measured by a series of objective criteria, are not too subjective.

Last but not least, the price is high, which is easy to judge, but in my opinion, the price alone is not enough, even the real price rather than the overrun price. In my opinion, luxury should be natural, not artificial, or market strategy expensive. What do you mean? For example, some designer clothes are often expensive, a large part of which is the design fees charged by masters. However,  it’s a fixed cost, and high design costs don’t naturally lead to high costs-you just need a lot of production and you can spread them out. In fact, the collaboration between many affordable clothing brands and major brands began the year before last, such as Matthew Williamson helping Debemhams, Philip Treacy to design clothing for Mark & Spencer. Many famous clothes sell expensive, it is very important to actively reduce the target customers, through the profit-less-sales strategy to achieve profit. 

In my opinion, this kind of expensive, can not be counted as luxury goods “expensive.” Luxury should not only be manifested in the average cost of the expensive, but also in the marginal cost of the expensive. For example, why custom-made suits, custom leather shoes are undoubtedly luxury, because of their natural expensive. In addition to using materials, the key to these products is the craft of the clothing and shoe makers themselves, which is not mass-produced, and the marginal cost of each product is roughly close to its average cost (and of course, the operation of the business). The fixed cost of marketing should be shared in.) such a product is a real luxury.

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